Audio Drama - Raising Zoe

Goldenmedia LLC was contracted by UNICEF to produce a drama series for airing in several British Overseas Territories.

The target audience is parents of children ages two and four who want to learn about Positive Discipline techniques. The episodes were produced based on the problem areas identified by parents via a survey and focus groups.

The eight-part series introduces us to Maxine, a single mother raising her three-year-old daughter Zoe with the help of her mother.

Written by Nerissa Golden


Sharlene Lindsay as Maxine
Crystal Archer as Angela
Jayesh Sadhwani as Aidan
Ethan Henry as Andrew
Deangelo Dyer as Aaron
Nerissa Golden as Judith
Sandrae Thomas as Kendall
Sierra Lindsay as Zoe
Theonna Johnson as the Cashier

Recorded & Edited at Raw Island Studios, Davy Hill, Montserrat.

Poster Illustration by @tiffanynicholasart

Listen to Raising Zoe

I’m Tired – An exhausted Maxine struggles with caring for her little girl, Zoe. 

Teamwork – Maxine and Zoe are visiting with her friends Aidan and Angela who have four-year-old twin boys Aaron and Andrew. Maxine marvels at how the couple work together to discipline the children.

Messy Potty – Maxine struggles with potty training Zoe and learns how her being disciplined enables her daughter to do the same.

Dinner Time Blues – Maxine is frustrated after a long day and must find a way to get Zoe to eat her food.

Tantrum – Maxine and Zoe go to the supermarket and a tantrum is close because she is very tired.

One Greasy Baby – Zoe has made a mess. All of the Vaseline is on her clothes and the bed. Maxine is frustrated as this is not the first time she’s spoken to her daughter about this.

Playtime – Maxine celebrates Zoe packing away all her toys after they have played together.

Daddy Surprise – A surprise visit from Zoe’s father has Maxine stressed and worried about keeping her daughter’s world on its axis.

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